Nobody knew how impressive Halladay was

As Phillies fans were sitting there watching Roy Halladay “struggle” through the Giants lineup inning after inning, there wasn’t any true indication as to just why he was struggling. After the game, it was disclosed that Halladay had injured a groin muscle in the second inning while pitching to Buster Posey and gutted it out for the rest of the game. Roy Halladay, who is going through his first post-season, wasn’t anywhere near taking himself out of the game that the Phillies needed to win to send the series back to Philadelphia.

“At this point, nobody wants to come out,” Halladay explained after the outing. “You do what you can to find ways and make adjustments.” Halladay made all of the adjustments and battled through six innings and 108 pitches before handing things over to the bullpen.

Halladay missed time last season with a groin injury and said he recognized the feeling from last season when he suffered that injury, although he doesn’t believe this injury is as severe as the one that put him on the disabled list while he was with the Blue Jays in 2009. The initial prognosis is that if this were the regular season, Halladay would likely be held out of his next start, but you may have noticed that this isn’t the regular season and Halladay believes he would be fine to start game one of the World Series, which would be next Wednesday. If Halladay wouldn’t be able to start, the Phillies would have to likely turn to Joe Blanton, since Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels will be pitching in games six and seven (if necessary) of the NLCS and wouldn’t be available to start the World Series.

One scenario is that if the ALCS goes to seven games, with the Rangers winning, the Phillies could conceivably give Halladay another day of rest and start him against Cliff Lee, who would be in line to start the second game for the Rangers after starting in game seven of the ALCS.

Right now though, the focus is on game six and the match-up between Jonathan Sanchez and Roy Oswalt. A potential game seven would be Sunday with the Giants throwing Matt Cain and the Phillies going with Cole Hamels.

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