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Moyer, Dobbs and Hoover become free agents

As the Phillies continue to do their off-season work, three more players have officially hit the free agent market. Pitcher Jamie Moyer, utility player Greg Dobbs and catcher Paul Hoover were all removed from the 40-man roster and elected to become free agents.

None of the moves were unexpected.

Moyer is headed to the Dominican Republic to pitch winter ball as he hopes to show that he’s healthy and still has some gas left in the tank. Moyer’s contract expired at the end of the season, so dropping him from the roster is merely procedural.

When swagger turns to arrogance

Once upon a time, there was a baseball team from the City of Brotherly Love. This particular team was good; very good. They walked onto the field expecting to win and waiting for their opportunity to be the chosen one on any particular day. Perhaps, one day, it would be J-Roll who would come up big. The next, possibly The Big Piece would chip in with a blast or King Cole would throw an absolute gem, requiring very little of the offense for this team to win. Continue reading

Phillies decline option on Romero

The off-season is officially here and J.C. Romero is the first casualty. The Phillies chose giving him a $250,000 buyout rather than pick up his $4.5 million option for the 2011 season.

The Phillies signed Romero in June of 2007 after he was released by the Boston Red Sox. In his tenure with the Phillies, Romero posted a 2.60 ERA in 213 appearances with the Phillies, including going 2-1 with a 0.87 ERA. Both of his wins came in the Phillies World Series victory over Tampa Bay.

The Phillies have just three relievers – Brad Lidge, Ryan Madson and Denys Baez – under contract for next season. All three are right-handers.

Position players have Phils locked up

Even though the Phillies have gone to the playoffs for four straight seasons and have two trips – one successful – to the World Series during that time. This is a club that is in need of some retooling. For some time now, we’ve heard about this window of opportunity for this club and the fact that it could close pretty quickly if the Phillies aren’t careful. Well, at this point, the window has started to slide closed and GM Ruben Amaro needs to be careful this off-season to keep his fingers from getting pinched in that closing window. Continue reading

Nobody knew how impressive Halladay was

As Phillies fans were sitting there watching Roy Halladay “struggle” through the Giants lineup inning after inning, there wasn’t any true indication as to just why he was struggling. After the game, it was disclosed that Halladay had injured a groin muscle in the second inning while pitching to Buster Posey and gutted it out for the rest of the game. Continue reading

Oswalt move showed sense of panic

Roy Oswalt has been a God-send for the Phillies this season; as a starter. That’s his role and that’s exactly where manager Charlie Manuel should have left him Wednesday night rather than putting him in to pitch the ninth inning in relief. Yes, Oswalt volunteered for the job and yes, he has had occasional relief stints before in his career, but it simply wasn’t the spot for him to pitch. Continue reading

In Blanton we trust… right?

Joe Blanton hasn’t pitched in 20 days, but right now, a big chunk of the Phillies season rests in his right hand. After dropping games one and three to the San Francisco Giants, the Phillies find themselves down two-to-one in games and needing a win in game four to send it back to the big three and Joe Blanton is the guy they’re depending on to deliver the win. Continue reading