Five (unofficial) candidates for Lehigh Valley job

With the exit of Dave Huppert as the manager of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, the Phillies will look to fill the manager’s office at Triple-A for the first time since Huppert was hired for the 2008 season. Prior to Huppert, the Phillies had gone outside of the organization for their Triple-A managers, hiring the likes of Gene Lamont and Butch Hobson for the position, so it’s up in the air whether they’ll stay in-house or not for their next Boss Hog at Lehigh Valley.

Since speculation is one of the best parts of baseball, we’ll play along and try to figure who might wind up being the ‘Pigs manager. We’ve even ranked them in the order that they might be considered.

  1. Sal Rende – Currently the Phillies’ minor league hitting coach, Rende has managed in the minors and it’s thought that he would welcome a return to that role. He’s well liked and greatly respected within the organization.
  2. Steve Roadcap – The Reading Phillies manager is also well respected within the organization and has generally gotten as much as possible out of his players at the Double-A level.
  3. Dusty Wathan – While he doesn’t have the experience of Rende or Roadcap, Wathan is an up-and-comer in the minor league managerial ranks. He gets high praise for having his players prepared to move up the ladder and is respected for balancing his managerial duties with what’s best for his players.
  4. Greg Legg – The former manager at Lakewood, Reading and Clearwater, Legg served as a coach with the BlueClaws this season.
  5. Mark Parent – Parent would be a long-shot, considering that he’s finishing his first season as a minor league manager. He’s done an excellent job at Lakewood and has the club in the post-season. Like Wathan, Parent is someone to watch in years to come as a potential top-level minor league manager or possibly as a major league manager down the road.

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