Scouting Report: Michael Schwimer

Date/Place of game: July 24, 2010 / Coca-Cola Park in
Allentown, PA

Final game score: Lehigh Valley 6, Norfolk 4

Michael Schwimer’s game line

ND 2.2 1 0 0 0 3 0 1 33-22 2-2 2-2

Michael Schwimer is still just in his second full-season of pro ball after
being drafted by the Phillies in the 14th round of the 2008 Draft out of the
University of Virginia. He’s also in his first month of Triple-A ball with the
Lehigh Valley IronPigs after opening the season at Double-A Reading and being
promoted to Lehigh Valley after going 5-3, 3.60 in 32 games with the R-Phils.

As for his role, both at Reading and Lehigh Valley, Schwimer doesn’t really
care what role he plays out of the bullpen, which is a good thing, because he’s
been used in very different situations. In his latest outing with Lehigh Valley,
Schwimer went 2 2/3 innings, allowing just one hit and striking out three, but
he wasn’t a happy man after the outing.

“I was a little upset at giving up that double with runners
on-base,” said Schwimer with a very obvious tinge of self-disappointment in
his voice. “I think as a reliever, the most important stat is inherited
runners scored and I gave both of those up, so I wasn’t happy about that.”

On the season, Schwimer has allowed five of the 11 runners [46%] that he’s
inherited to score. To compare that number, the major league average this season
for inherited runners scoring is 32%. It’s worth noting though, that the two
runners that Schwimer allowed to score in Saturday night’s game against Norfolk,
were the first two inherited runners that he had at Triple-A. While he was at
Double-A, Schwimer allowed 33% (3-of-9 runners) to score, putting him right
around the average mark. Last season, Schwimer allowed just 30% (8-of-27) of his
inherited runners to score.

In the outing that we scouted, Schwimer was throwing generally in the
low-90s, but pumped himself up to 94 on a couple of occasions when he needed to
put something extra on a pitch. Of his 33 pitches, 22 were for strikes and he
recorded two groundouts, two flyouts and three strikeouts in the game. Schwimer
entered the game in the top of the sixth inning, with runners on first and
second and one out. In the midst of striking out the first hitter he faced, he
uncorked a wild pitch to put runners on second and third. Facing Brandon Snyder,
who Schwimer is well familiar with, having known him since the two were about 15
years old, Schwimer lost the battle to his old buddy and gave up a two-run
double that cut Lehigh Valley’s lead from 6-2 to 6-4.

Snyder hit a slider that Schwimer wanted to be low and away and possibly even
in the dirt, but instead, the pitch turned out to be very hittable and resulted
in two runs for Norfolk. “I went change-up, fastball, slider to get him
one-and-two and my thought process was, it’s going to be down and away or in the
dirt,” said Schwimer. “It just came out of my hand wrong and wound up
right down the middle with no break on it and he did what he’s supposed to
do.” While the double was tough to bear for Schwimer, he responded well and
strick out Adam Donachie to get out of the inning.

From there, Schwimer took over the game, retiring the next six hitters in
order and preserving Lehigh Valley’s 6-4 edge. Closer Scott Mathieson came on in
the ninth and notched his 20th save, setting a season and career-high for the
IronPigs franchise.

Schwimer noted that some of the more veteran relievers on the club have
provided strong guidance for him, especially since he’s arrived at Lehigh
Valley. “I can go up to them and ask them anything. They probably get
annoyed with me for asking so many questions, but they’re absolutely great,
especially Mathieson,” stressed the 24 year-old right-hander.

The plan for Schwimer is to just pitch, no matter what role he’s in. “I
want the ball. To be honest with you, I just want to pitch as much as possible.
Whether it’s up or down by ten runs, a one-run game; I just want to pitch.”

Schwimer has a good arsenal of pitches and doesn’t let himself get too high
or too low on the mound. He has a great mentality for a reliever and realizes
that there are still things that he needs to do better and he’s willing to put
in the work to perfect himself. That’s one of the reasons why he
“annoys” the more veteran pitchers more than others might and it’s
also one of the things that will make him a good reliever in the majors. He
locates his pitches well and has good, late movement on them and can make
hitters look pretty bad, especially with his slider.

Michael Schwimer’s career stats

2008 Williamsport 0 2 1.96 22 19 8 41.1 33 12 9 0 15 62
2009 Clearwater 2 1 2.85 48 36 20 60.0 44 21 19 2 19 82
2009 Reading 2 1 7.71 5 3 0 4.2 7 4 4 0 2 7
2009 combined
4 2 3.20 53 39 20 64.2 51 25 23 2 21 89
2010 Reading 5 3 3.60 32 27 11 40.0 34 16 16 5 14 58
2010 Lehigh
2 0 0.00 6 3 0 5.2 4 0 0 0 2 4
2010 combined
7 3 3.15 38 30 11 45.2 38 16 16 5 16 62
11 7 2.85 113 88 39 151.2 122 53 48 7 52 213
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