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Carpenter is ready, but for what?

The demotion of Kyle Kendrick (5-4, 4.82) was a surprise only because the
Phillies are slow to make such moves these days. After another rough outing
Monday night in St. Louis, in which Kendrick allowed three home runs in the
fifth inning alone, apparently, the Phillies felt the move to do something;
anything. Kendrick had shown that while he could be good for a while – a 3.13
ERA in the month of May – ultimately, he just might not be cut out for the job
of a major league starter, especially considering that his ERA in the fifth
inning of games this season is over 11.

Maybe, the Phillies have seen enough and realize that it’s now or never if
they’re going to start fixing this wounded ballclub. Continue reading

Trade Radar: What We’re Hearing

Right now, the team to watch in terms of dealing for the Phillies is Toronto.
The Blue Jays have a number of pitchers – primarily relievers – that they are
shopping around and the Phillies have definitely shown some interest. In fact, a
key adviser to Ruben Amaro Jr. – Charlie Kerfeld – followed the Jays through
their series with Baltimore and now into their series with Kansas City.

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AAA All-Star Game Preview

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs will host the 23rd annual Triple-A All-Star Game tonight. Here’s a preview of what you’ll see: Continue reading

What We’re Hearing on the Trade Front

To show you just how intimidating Cliff Lee is, rather than have to face him
tonight, the Yankees are working out a trade to acquire him. Now that’s
intimidating. Seriously though, the Yankees and Mariners may match up on a deal
to send Cliff Lee to New York for three prospects, the likes of which the
Phillies would have been able to match – though not position for position – but
wouldn’t have ever agreed to match. Continue reading

Stutes Fits In Well For ‘Pigs Pen

When Michael Stutes arrived at Lehigh Valley after his promotion from Double-A Reading, he arrived with a streak of 6 2/3 shutout innings. In his first two outings with the IronPigs, he extended his streak to an even nine innings before hitting an obstacle in a bad outing against Durham. Continue reading

Trade Radar: Minor League Bait To Make A Deal

Any team that engages in trade talks with the Phillies will likely start
their requests with outfielder Domonic Brown, but they’re likely to be told that his name is not open for discussion. Continue reading

Phils Could Deal Werth and Stay Competitive

It wasn’t that long ago that trading Jayson Werth would have seemed like
something that the Phillies would never consider. There are no definitive signs
that they’re even considering it now, but things have changed enough that they
can at least consider dealing him and actually, they could consider dealing him
and still potentially keep themselves in contention in the NL East / NL
wild-card race. Continue reading